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About us

Our expert-led, diagnostic and screening service utilises state of the art equipment and highly experienced professionals in their field of medicine.

Our Mission

To provide fast, high-quality access to expert medical screening and diagnosis. We passionately believe that “prevention is better than cure” and that forewarned is forearmed. We are committed to help people live longer, healthier, quality lives through this philosophy. We are dedicated to understanding the benefits, and the promotion of preventative medicine.

Our goal is to provide on-going best advice and guidance on how to eliminate or mitigate disease. To help our clients take advanced pro-active care of their health, through early intervention in lifestyle, medication and in understanding how their unique genetics can affect their health.

Our staff are committed to creating a highly confidential, personalised, and comfortable place where clients can seek help to optimise their health, happiness, and overall well-being.


We facilitate this by measuring and accessing core health indices using state of the art equipment and testing facilities. We work with some of the world’s leading authorities on genome testing and have access to their expertise and information. This data is interpreted by highly experienced and qualified clinicians committed to devising an optimised health strategy.

Who are we?

We are a private diagnostic and screening clinic, specialising in the cardiac, genetic, body and blood analysis of our patients. Our highly trained and experienced medical professionals will provide a pro-active personalised health strategy to optimise the longevity and quality of our patient’s health.

We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure our clients get the VIP, personalised advance screening experience and “peace of mind” they deserve.

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Barry Bolton


Let me begin by saying I’m not medical, I am first and foremost a patient. It was my experience as a client that led me to want to invest and help create 4 Armed Health. I wish to give people the same second chance that I was given as a result of undertaking some routine screening tests. It has been literally life changing.

I was for many years a keen sportsman, football coach and Chairman of a successful national environmental services company. Frankly, I never felt healthier having just ran a half marathon when I had arranged a routine insurance medical. I was shocked to discover some underlying, but thankfully, preventable medical conditions that I was totally unaware of. There is no doubt that if left undetected and untreated, that these would have affected the quality and longevity of my life. Fortunately, forewarned with this knowledge I was forearmed to take some simple, non-invasive but necessary steps to pro-actively change my lifestyle and some small medication. Now my blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are completely normal, and I have complete peace of mind. Since setting up the practice I have been further empowered by a recent study that has shown, that like me, 1 in 3 adults over the age of 40 have underlying medical conditions that they are unaware of. Many are going about their daily lives, oblivious that they may have high blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar levels, which could be a silent killer.

For these reasons, I am grateful to be able to give you and your family the same opportunity that my family and I have had. We all know, especially with recent global events, that true wealth is health. I am immensely proud of the team, and the domestic and international partnerships with some of the worlds leading organisations in diagnosis and testing, that we have put together at 4 Armed Health. Now, here in the UK we all have a real chance to access world class proactive, personalised health care to influence and protect our futures and that of our loved ones.

Barry Bolton

Dr Khalid Mujahid

Medical Director - Cardiothoracic Registrar


I graduated in Medicine (MbChB) from The University of Birmingham in 2007. I trained at some of the UK’s most prestigious hospitals including the St Bartholmew’s Hospital, The Royal Brompton Hospital (London) and I am currently working as a Senior Cardiothoracic Registrar in King’s College Hospital, London.

I have always believed in a holistic approach to not only cardiovascular, but medicine in general, and the important role that genetics plays in overall health and wellbeing. This realisation came to me whilst looking after many of my younger and physically fit patients who were presenting with diseases which were a complete surprise to them.

I am delighted to lead the medical team at 4 Armed Health, forearmed with the knowledge about early onset or increased risk for illness, patients have the opportunity to prevent or mitigate disease before it can manifest.

I sincerely believe that this is the future of medicine.


Dr Abdul Malik

Consultant Cardiologist 


I qualified from the University of Dundee (MB ChB) in 2004 and gained my full MRCP (London) before completed my Doctorate of Medicine (MD Res) from the University College London. I have been a Consultant Cardiologist at Northampton and perform out of hours emergency PCI at Kettering General Hospital since 2020.  I trained in London as a Cardiology Registrar at St Bartholomew’s, Kings College and Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital since 2014. I had previously spent time working at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

I am convinced in the importance of research and the value of foresight in supporting early intervention in healthcare, the prevention of disease, and or impairment.  Accordingly, I am pleased to have joined 4 Armed Health and head up the cardiovascular team as their lead Consultant.


Dr Rexford Muza

Consultant Physician in Respiratory Sleep & General Internal Medicine

(MbChB, MMED-MED, MRCP, FRCP, ESRS Certified somnologist)

I have been round the block a bit. I obtained my basic medical degree (MbChB) back in 1986 at the University of Zimbabwe Medical School.  I then obtained a Masters in General Internal Medicine (MMED-MED) in 1997. After moving to the UK in 2001, I worked in Stoke on Trent where I did the MRCP UK before moving to London on the Respiratory training program.  I rotated through several London Hospitals during the training program. After obtaining my CCT in Respiratory Medicine, I joined the Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust in 2008 as Consultant in Respiratory Medicine and General Internal Medicine. I further sub-specialised in Sleep Medicine. I am currently the Respiratory Sleep Clinical lead. I am also the Trust General Internal Medicine (GIM) Faculty Lead as well as a deanery GIM training program director.

In my experience I have always been saddened by having to deal with patients presenting with advanced disease when a good outcome may not be guaranteed.  This is unfortunately a common scenario in respiratory medicine where most of lung malignancies are discovered late. The same applies to nearly all disciplines of medicine. Of course, prevention is better than cure but if one has to cure, it is better and more successful when the condition is identified early.

I am very much delighted to be part of the medical team at 4 Armed Health and would like to believe that I can be of help in the prevention or early detection of diseases as well as offering early interventions as indicated.

Dr Rexford Muza mb VERSION

Elaine Loubo

Specialist Dietitian

I hold a BSc in Human Nutrition and a Post Graduate degree in Dietetics.  I have previously worked for Public Health England, in the Diet and Obesity Division and for MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it). Gained clinical work experience within the NHS, at the Royal Brompton hospital, the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK and at Kingston Hospital.

I have 11 years of experience working with patients with different health conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), weight management and nutrition in pregnancy.

My mission is to support patients with tailored dietary advice to help prevent, treat or manage their medical conditions. My approach is compassionate and non-judgmental and focuses on helping patients foster a positive relationship with food through evidence-based advice.

Governing Bodies: Member of the British Dietetic Association and registered with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC).


Millie Bolton

Operations Manager & Medical Secretary

Having previously managed the London office of a global executive search firm and worked as an Executive Assistant, I understand the key to a successful team is communication and organisation. I have BSc in Biology from Royal Holloway University of London and it was here I realised my passion for medicine. As a qualified Medical Secretary, I provide invaluable support to the Doctor’s so they can focus on what’s important, the patients.

I have particular interest in genetics and to pursue this further I’m currently undergoing a part-time Masters in Genomic Medicine from Queen Mary University of London.

My goal as Operation Manager is to create a seamless patient experience whilst implementing strategies to promote the clinics growth.

Millie Bolton