Give the gift of a worry free Christmas and a healthy start to the New Year. 4 Armed Health are pleased to announce that we are now offering Health Screening Gift Vouchers. Our Health Screening Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift for loved ones.

What does a Health Screening Gift Voucher Include?

Gift vouchers start from £250 for a consultation with a Specialist doctor or you can select from a range of bundled health screen packages to give you great value for money. We can tailor a package specifically for any individual, for example an atypical Health Screening Gift Voucher from 4 Armed Health includes:

  • A consultation with a Specialist Doctor who will evaluate your family medical history. Review lifestyle and environmental factors that may affect your health. Physical examination and Biometric screening of: Height, weight, BMI, resting heart rate, blood pressure.
  • Comprehensive Cardiac Assessment (Exercise Tolerance Test, Resting ECG (Electrocardiogram) and Carotid Ultrasound)
  • Pulse Oximeter Test to check out your blood oxygen saturation levels
  • Blood Tests and Urine Analysis- testing over 49 blood tests including full blood count, liver and kidney function test, cholesterol profile, iron, inflammatory markers, thyroid profile, blood sugar levels (diabetes), and vitamin D levels.

How do I buy a Health Screening Gift Voucher?

To purchase one of our Health Screening Gift Vouchers, simply contact us by phone on 020 7846 5656 or email us at

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