Your health should always be a priority, not just when you fall ill. A visit to the doctor can help you maintain your health by checking for things such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol. It is wise to have a check-up every year, especially when you turn 25.

In the UK we are very lucky to have the NHS, but we tend to only seek medical attention when our health is already compromised and we are showing symptoms.

It is a known fact that early detection of diseases can reduce the risk to many people. We regularly attend routine dental and eye-sight checks, but only few are actually willing to spend their time and money on health screening tests.

At 4 Armed Health, we are focussed on identifying hidden, underlying health issues through advanced health screening. But what are the main benefits of health screening?

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1; Early Detection

Many conditions can benefit from early detection- the most obvious being heart disease and cancer. Early detection of these conditions can and does save lives. Early detection of a disease enables better management and treatment for the condition which in turn decreases the risk of complications.

2; Lifestyle Improvements

Early detection of some conditions can result in the patient making positive lifestyle changes that can make a much wider impact on their health. Health screening can result in patients deciding to make many positive improvements to their lives, such as through exercise or dietary improvements.

3; Mental Health Benefits

If you have a family history of cardiovascular disease or stroke, then you may be concerned that you are going to develop issues related to these conditions at some point. Worrying about possible health issues has a very negative impact on your mental health, and health screening can put your mind at ease.

4; Reliability of health screening

Our health screening experts use highly advanced techniques and state of the art equipment to ensure accurate screenings. If you have a health screening package, or opt for one of our single health screening services, you can rest assured that the screening is incredibly accurate, and the possibility of false negatives is very unlikely.

5; Costs of health screening

Many people wrongly assume that health screening costs a lot of money. We pride ourselves on offering one of the best value health screening services in the UK. Perhaps a better question to ask is “what will it cost me not to have a health screen”, and possibly missing out on the opportunity to intervene early to eliminate or mitigate disease.  We believe an investment in checking your health is the best money you will ever spend, and almost certainly will save you money.  Our clients agree. Our health screening packages, which bundle together our individual health screening services offer incredible value and peace of mind.

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