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Virtual GP

Your health, our promise. 4 Armed Health is delighted to promote a new 24-7 virtual GP service, specially developed in partnership with 1Stop4aGP, facilitating instant access to a GP for you and your immediate family.

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The average waiting time for a routine GP appointment is 10 days.

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The benefits of this service are...

Unlike regular GP appointments, there are no time limits, you can feel free to talk for as long as you need, getting right to the heart of every problem.

How it works (please see explantory video)

  1. 1. Simply subscribe via our online portal, and we will send you a welcome pack with your access instructions.

  2. 2. Ring the helpline to book a phone or live video consultation - depending on your symptoms.

  3. 3. If a prescription is necessary, this can be sent straight to your home, workplace or local pharmacy.

  4. 4. If further treatment is required, then your consultation notes can be sent directly to you to share with 4 Armed Health for inclusion in your patient file. Just request this at the end of your call.

  5. 5. If you have private medical insurance, a referral can be sent to your PMI provider for specialist treatment.

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24/7 Access to GP

Our GP consultation services give you and your family to: 

Telephone helpline: Round-the-clock support from a GP, with no limit on consultation time or the number of times you call.

Video consultation: Face-to-face appointments with a doctor offer more in-depth advice. Available 7 days a week between 08:00am and 10:00pm

Simply call the 24/7 helpline, where you'll speak to an experienced member of the customer service team who will book either a telephone or video consultation with a GP at a convenient time to you

Continuous record of your health

We believe it's beneficial to have your health monitored and overseen by a team that is familiar with you and your medical history.

We understand that not every call warrants recording, however, at your request, your GP consultation notes can be stored in your secure patient client file at 4 Armed Health to provide a continous record of your health and well-being. Just request this at the end of your call.  Furthermore, this information can also be sent to your local GP should you so wish.  Just outline your preference at the end of your call.

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Benefits to an employer

  • Reduce business costs - by offering staff the ability to see a doctor quickly.

  • Lower staff absenteeism - Employees are unable to see a doctor without taking time off to receive treatment at a convenient time and location.

  • Investment staff health & well-being - Improve and maintain staff morale, motivation, and productivity.

  • Improve staff retention

  • Show staff you care.

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What our customers say

Watch an interview taken with one of our Virtual GP subscribers, George a professional footballer and former Wales International discussing his experience with the service.