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At 4armed Health, we offer preventative healthcare from leading medical experts.

We work to provide services to workplaces and individuals.

To find the best route for you, click on one of the options below:

Comprehensive Full Health Screens

As a dedicated and fully-equipped team of medical experts, we provide some of the country’s most accurate and detailed private health screens.

We’re firm believers in preventative health. Our private health screens can detect any potential health risks very early on. Fully comprehensive, we can offer peace of mind to you and your family.

Employee Health Checks & Corporate Screening

We work with businesses across Hertfordshire, Essex, London, and surrounding areas, to provide employee health checks. We see corporate health screening as an investment in your company. When your staff are happy and healthy, your business functions better.

We offer several packages, as well as tailoring bespoke corporate screens for any unique requirements that may relate to your business.

Initial consultation

Undergo relevant tests

Discuss results with a specialist

Devise a future health plan

Your initial consultation is key

Before you invest in any tests or screens, we highly recommend that you have an in-depth consultation to decide the best way forward for you to maximise your proactive health assessment.

You will benefit from tests which are most relevant to your current health status, biochemistry, genetic makeup and all in context with your family history and personal circumstances. Our consultation is not time constricted. It is designed to take into consideration every relevant aspect of your life and help us to formulate your optimum, bespoke advanced health screening program with a specialist.

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Why choose us?


We do not offer a one size fits all package. Alternatively, we tailor our diagnostic & screening service to your unique biological needs, given your personal/family medical history and DNA make up.

Instant Results

Using the latest technology many results can be provided on the same day, which will be discussed during your appointment with a medical specialist.

Targeted Screening

We have incorporated world leading genomic advances into our screening strategy to improve diagnosis and treatment.

Experience you can count on

Benefit from years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Our staff are highly trained and have worked in some of the UK's most prestigious medical facilities.

Forewarned is forearmed. This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your ongoing health and wellbeing.

We believe that if a car is worth an annual MOT on safety grounds, then surely the most important vehicle you will ever inhabit, your body, is worth a check-up and a little TLC too.

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Genetics: The future of predictive and preventative care. You can gain from tomorrow's solutions today…

We uniquely use, advanced genetic testing to help us pinpoint and identify how best to optimise the quality and longevity of your life. Genetic testing can help identify a range of potential threats to your health long before any symptoms have manifested.

Furthermore, Pharmacogenomics: Enables the most successful provision of effective therapies, so patients can get treatments and advice that works best for them. This includes tailored drug treatments, eliminating or minimising side effects and optimising which medicine and at what dose works best for their unique genetic make-up.

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