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Private Body
Composition Test

A healthy balance between fat and non-fat is important to our wellness. Ensuring that we maintain a healthy fat-mass and non-fat mass balance is started by measuring your body composition using the latest in medical technology.

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Body composition testing isn’t just about losing or gaining weight, it’s about maintaining a balanced diet and lifestyle. Our body composition test can be used to create a tailored plan so that you can get proactive with your health.

What Is a Body Composition Test?

Body composition testing helps identify and measure how much of your total body mass is fat, and how much is non-fat. Your body is made up of:

·         Water

·         Protein

·         Minerals

·         Fat


As we know, the human body is mostly made up of water. The protein is contained in your body’s muscles, organs, and bones.

We also are made up of minerals, that are generally contained in your blood and bones.

Fat is crucial to assisting the body to absorb vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. With body composition analysis, we can accurately measure your overall health and fitness level in relation to your body fat percentage.

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Our body composition tests are accurate, precise, and consistent. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled team of medical professionals, we provide testing that helps our patients become more informed, prepared, and proactive about their health.

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“My sincere thanks to the 4 Armed team following my health check at their Maple House Private Healthcare Clinic.  I was particularly pleased at the time taken to explain each of the numerous tests I was undertaking and how engaged I was made to feel with my team of specialists.  Fundamentally, it's about knowing your own body and being informed 'pre’ any identifiable +/- thresholds become more problematic in future.

I opted for a 'Silver Package' of tests from 'head to toe' and now have a platform of results upon which I can make better choices for a healthier future.  Terrific personal experience, a real benchmark of excellence.”

- George

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