As “your health is your wealth”, a more relevant question to consider is how much will it cost you NOT to have a health screen? Health screens save money by enabling people to maintain their incomes by being fit to work as well as preventing much more expensive treatments or costs down the line.

It is also worth pointing out, that whilst many routine tests can be provided free on the NHS, waiting times to be seen can be much longer and some tests restricted in scope. Usually, you will also see a general practitioner whereas at 4 Armed Health we can ensure you get expert advice for any specialist conditions you may have. In relation to a private screen, you can spend anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to thousands of pounds for a complex MRI and or bespoke genetic tests.

Therefore, at 4 Armed Health, before you invest in any test or screen, we recommend an in-depth consultation first. This way we will carefully review your personal circumstances, and medical history, to determine which tests would be most suitable and value for money for you. Everyone is unique and has different resources, and for that reason we have put together three indicative packages to suit everyone. Our Foundation, Fundamentals and Superior Packages range from £745, £1495 to £2645 respectively. These can be tailored specifically for you, following your consultation, to give you peace of mind, and the insights needed to live the longest, highest quality of life.

The most cost-effective way to resolve any problem is to prevent it in the first place and or tackle it early. Please feel free to contact us to help decide which is the best way forward for you. We strongly encourage people to be pro-active about their health status even if they are feeling well as we would like to keep you this way. So, if you are unable to undertake a professional assessment, please at least conduct some basic checks on yourself. If, however you instinctively no if you are not feeling 100% as no one knows your body better than you, even if it’s something minor please seek advice.

Indeed, if something doesn’t feel or look right, or your experiencing unusual levels of tiredness, shortness of breath or other symptoms please don’t just leave it, get yourself checked out. Whilst it’s probably something minor, we cannot stress enough just how often early intervention has literally been the difference between life or death. You have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain, so whether it is via the NHS, a Private Screen with us or one of our competitors investing in your health it will pay dividends.